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Birthday Party Packages

birthday party packages in quezon city

Birthday Party Packages

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Every birthday is a milestone worth celebrating, and Light of Love is here to make it truly remarkable. Our birthday party packages are tailored to suit your unique preferences, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our team will assist you in creating the perfect ambiance, selecting delectable catering options, and organizing entertainment that will leave everyone delighted. We have various packages to choose from, please feel free to contact us.

Venues offered in this Package

Birthday Party Packages

Atrium Venue

Offered Venue

Atrium offers a floor area of 302 sqm with round tables. Amenities include 9 air conditioning units, ample parking with 10 VIP spaces, a reliable generator, courtesy rooms with beds and dressers, restrooms, and a kitchen area. Notable features include a glass-covered ceiling for night events, an Italian chandelier, proximity to courtesy rooms, a unique setup with central couple and VIP tables, great guest visibility, and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

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Events Place in Quezon City Light of Love Cherish

Cherish Venue

Offered Venue

Cherish offers 1,002 sqm floor area. Amenities include an open space with an oval platform, ample parking with 10 VIP spots, a reliable generator, shared restrooms, an outdoor kitchen, and 5-6 industrial fans. The venue is suitable for combined wedding ceremonies and receptions, offers access to a covered alternative venue for unpredictable weather, scenic photo opportunities, and capiz lighting displays after 5pm.

Integrity Venue

Offered Venue

Integrity offers a 190 sqm floor area, with round table seating. It boasts 3 air conditioning units, ample parking (including 10 VIP spaces), and a guaranteed generator for uninterrupted power. Courtesy rooms with beds, dressers, and couches are available, along with shared restrooms and a kitchen area. The venue features 3 Italian chandeliers, Spanish marble flooring, an L-shaped design, and a balcony for cocktails or ceremonies at no extra cost. Clients can use the space for caterers or photobooths, and guests can enjoy a view of the mini-garden landscape, making it a perfect spot for Instagram-worthy photos.

Events Place in Quezon City Light of Love Integrity
Events Place in Quezon City Light of Love Love

Love Venue

Offered Venue

Love offers a spacious floor area of 233 sqm. It includes 6 air conditioning units, ample parking with 10 VIP spots, a backup generator, courtesy rooms with beds and amenities, shared restrooms, a kitchen area, and a designated smoking area. With a beautiful garden view for weddings, it features a straight, rectangular layout providing unobstructed views and flexibility for different designs. Guests can capture Instagram-worthy photos, making it ideal for receptions. It’s also the exclusive choice for group meetings and conferences. (Pending venue capacity confirmation for operations.)

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