5 Chinese New Year Foods for Prosperity and Luck in 2024

As we welcome the Year of the Dragon with open arms, there's no better way to usher in prosperity and good fortune than with a feast of traditional Chinese New Year foods.

These culinary delights not only tantalize the taste buds but are also deeply rooted in cultural symbolism, believed to bring luck, wealth, and happiness in the coming year. So, let’s embark on a culinary journey through the top 5 must-have Chinese New Year foods for 2024.

Gathered with family and friends, amidst the vibrant colors and festive decorations, each dish on the table represents a cherished tradition passed down through generations. From the savory aroma of Pancit Canton to the sweetness of Tikoy, these culinary delights serve as a delicious bridge between Filipino and Chinese cultures. As we come together to savor these dishes, let us revel in the shared heritage and timeless customs that unite us in celebration.

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1. Pancit Canton

Serve a plate of Pancit Canton, a stir-fried noodle dish prepared in the Filipino style, to start your Chinese New Year feast. Full of tender meat slices, vibrant vegetables, and flavorful sauces, pancit canton is a staple dish served during celebrations and a symbol of longevity and abundance. While the combination of ingredients represents a prosperous and bountiful year ahead, the long noodles symbolize a long life.

Just as the noodles seamlessly blend with the array of ingredients, may we embrace the challenges of the coming year with grace and flexibility, confident in our ability to navigate life’s twists and turns.


2. Tikoy (Nian Gao)

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3. Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpiang Shanghai, or Filipino-style spring rolls, are a crowd-pleasing appetizer that adds a Filipino flair to Chinese New Year festivities. These crispy, golden rolls are filled with a mixture of ground meat, vegetables, and seasonings, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. As you bite into these savory delights, envision yourself rolling in good fortune and success in the coming year.

So, as you partake in this beloved dish, let its delicious essence ignite a sense of optimism and anticipation for the blessings that lie ahead in the Year of the Dragon.


4. Lechon Manok

No Filipino celebration is complete without a feast featuring Lechon Manok, a succulent roasted chicken marinated in a blend of aromatic spices. While not traditionally Chinese, this flavorful dish embodies the spirit of abundance and prosperity cherished during Chinese New Year. As the crispy skin crackles with every bite, It symbolize the opportunities and blessings that await in the Year of the Dragon.

Just as the roasted chicken brings joy to the palate, may it also ignite a sense of camaraderie and solidarity among friends and family, fostering a sense of community that transcends borders.


5. Kutsinta

End your Chinese New Year feast on a sweet note with Kutsinta, a Filipino steamed rice cake made from rice flour, brown sugar, and annatto extract. These soft, chewy treats are often enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack, symbolizing unity and togetherness with family and friends. Savor each bite of Kutsinta as you reflect on the blessings of the past year and look forward to a future filled with joy, prosperity, and good fortune.

So, as we bid farewell to another Lunar New Year celebration, let us carry the spirit of unity and togetherness nurtured by Kutsinta into the days ahead, forging a path illuminated by hope and prosperity.


As Filipino and Chinese cultures intertwine in celebration of the Lunar New Year, these five dishes offer a delightful fusion of flavors and symbolism, ensuring a year filled with luck, prosperity, and happiness. Whether you’re indulging in Pancit Canton or savoring Tikoy, may each bite bring you closer to the abundance and blessings that the Year of the Dragon has in store. Maligayang Chinese New Year!

As the festivities draw to a close, and the warm glow of lanterns illuminates the night sky, we reflect on the joyous moments shared at Light of Love Events Place in Quezon City. Just as the vibrant celebrations of Chinese New Year unite families and friends in love and harmony, so too do weddings bind hearts together in a bond of everlasting love. May the blessings of the Lunar New Year continue to shine upon all who have graced this venue, filling their lives with prosperity, happiness, and an abundance of love.

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