Grand Food Tasting at Light of Love by CVJ Catering

As Light of Love Events Place collaborates with CVJ Food Catering to offer an unmatched culinary experience at the Grand Food Tasting Event

 Get ready to be submerged in a world of sophisticated taste and exquisite elegance! Come celebrate with us on Sunday, January 14, 2024, from 12:00 NN to 4:00 PM at the Light of Love Events Place, tucked away at #1163 Santol St, Brgy., Santol Quezon City. This partnership between two of the biggest brands in the business guarantees an experience that goes above and beyond. 

Mastery & Refined Ambiance at the Grand Food Tasting Event

Admire how elegance and charm merge so perfectly together as you explore the painstakingly decorated space. See the craftsmanship in the exquisite buffet stations, compelling stage backdrops, and magnificent table arrangements—each skillfully created to astonish and enhance your event planning concept.

This event is unique because of CVJ Food Catering’s delectable cuisine. Savor a symphony of flavors that have been painstakingly crafted by their talented chefs. Every taste is a monument to culinary skill, from mouthwatering appetizers to entrees brimming with flavor, from masterfully braised delicacies to flawlessly seared and roasted wonders.

This collaborative endeavor between Light of Love Events Place and CVJ Food Catering is an opportunity for you to witness the seamless harmony between a breathtaking venue and impeccable catering services. Discover firsthand how this partnership can transform your special day into an unforgettable celebration.

Grand Food Tasting at Light of Love by CVJ Catering

Come enjoy a sophisticated, delicious, and inspiring afternoon with us. This is your time to plan an occasion that showcases your distinct flair and makes a lasting impression on your visitors.

Reserve your spot now to be part of this exclusive affair! Contact us by calling +63 2 8714 7989 or 8714 3871, or via email at You can also reach out to Light of Love directly at +63 9564197264.


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