1. Where is your place located?
Please refer to Contact Us.

2. Can we do pre-nuptial pictorial without booking in your venue?
No, you cannot. You must be booked in our venue to be able to use our place for your pre-nuptial pictorial.

3. Do we have to pay anything if we bring in a guest caterer?
Yes. Please call our office for details.

4. Can we have fireworks during our event?
No, you cannot.

5. Do you allow overnight stay in your guest/courtesy rooms?
No, we don't allow overnight stay.

6. Do you hold multiple events in a day?
Yes, we do hold multiple events in a day.

7. Do you accept pencil booking?
No, bookings are made on a first-come-first-serve basis.

8. Do you allow drapes in the Atrium?
No, drapes are not allowed in the Atrium. However, you can put drapes in Loyalty and Trust.